We welcome visits from students, researchers, schools, industries interested in trying  the VR CAVE. Moreover, we encourage industries, researchers and research institutions to discuss with us proof-of-concept projects or research ideas for possible collaboration. Finally, we offer a range of services such as the hire of the VR CAVE for private use, and the development of Virtual/Augmented Reality applications. For more information please refer to Services.

If you are interested in visiting VR Cave, please contact us at

During your visit you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with state-of-the-art virtual reality technology and explore various simulations related to your work or interests. An indicative list of the available simulations can be found below: 

Cyprus Cultural Museum

Visit the Cyprus' Virtual Folklore Museum and get a taste of Cyprus' cultural heritage, including the traditional architecture and occupation objects.


Explore the structure of a Neuron in our Virtual Biology Lab. Learn and interact with the different parts forming a neuron by moving them around and getting a closer look.

Solar System

Be an astronaut, fly to the moon or any other planet and explore our solar system. Eight planets, various secondary bodies, dwarfs and other small objects orbiting the Sun as well as satellites (moons) are awaiting to be explored!


Do you like aquariums? This is your chance to get into one, while keeping dry and safe. Meet clown-fish, blue tangs, seahorses but be aware of the shark, waiting for your wrong move!


Explore one of the most well-known prehistoric monument in Europe.


Fun at its highest level!! Live the ultimate experience of a roller-coaster in a fully immersive environment.

Offshore Platform

Want to have a look at how the natural gas platforms look like? Explore this offshore platform and get to see what it looks like.


Interested in architecture/design? Have a look at a modern furnished apartment and navigate through it.


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